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* Marketed by ORMECA

In stabilizers, Ormeca exclusively represents the Chemson Group, the largest stabilizer producer in the world, with production sites in Europe, U.S and the Far East.

The stabilizers we supply to the Israeli market include Organic Based (OBS), Zinc based and Lead, aimed for pipe, profiles, sheets, cables, fittings and lubricant applications. In addition, we provide solutions for the growing WPC application.

All our products are fine-tuned to fit each customer’s specific needs. For that purpose we provide on-site consulting and technical assistance, including new ad-hoc developments. Based on customer’s applicable machinery, each grade can be supplied in either powder, flakes, micropellets, granulate or tablet form.

To learn more about Chemson please visit the following link.

For product TDS and further information about the Stabilizers and other Chemson products please contact us. We’ll be happy to assist.