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In the Polyolefin sector Runa represents Ineos O&P, Europe’s largest olefin producer. Our exclusive cooperation with Ineos in the Israeli market allows us to offer our customers high quality Polyethylene and Polypropylene products, and to introduce them with continuous developments specifically tailored to provide them with high value solutions to keep competitive edge in the industry.

Our product range includes LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE (Metallocene), HDPE, PP (Homo, Copo, Ter).With such vast PE and PP portfolio we are able to serve most industries, including the Automotive, Food Packaging, Pipes, Caps & Closures, Telecom, Fibers & Textiles, Housing & Construction, Cables and Medical Industries. All products are supplied directly from each of Ineos’ 8 European sites based in France, Germany, Norway, UK, Italy and Belgium.

For further information about the specialty as well as commodity grades that Runa can supply to the Israeli market, please visit the link below.

Please contact us should you require any technical or commercial support. We’ll be happy to assist.