Founded in 1976, Runa is an Israeli company representing leading global manufacturers in supplying raw materials and machinery to a wide range of local industries.

The scope of equipment and raw materials with which Runa deals on a regular basis is large and diverse and includes the chemical, plastic, cables, paint, pharmaceutical, detergent, fertilizer, cosmetic, nutrition, hi-tech, and agriculture industries.

We take pride of our strong portfolio of credible and well reputed suppliers whom we consider our partners, and as such we serve them on a mutually exclusive basis. These include global companies such as Solvay, Ineos Polyolefins, Innovyn, Chemson Additives, Emery Oleochemicals, Eastman-Taminco, Faci Group and others, which bring us to sell over 150,000 tons of raw materials each year.

Among our exclusive machinery suppliers are Battenfeld Cincinnati, Breyer, Mixaco, Nordson-BKG, Dr. Colin, Sciteq and over 20 others. We currently have over 150 production lines installed in different leading plants in Israel as well as hundreds of other production and lab products across the market. For some of our global customers we serve as the main machinery supplier for their plants worldwide.

We are extremely honored by the loyalty we receive from our customers. Along the years availability and competition grew substantially yet in spite of such changes most of our customers remained loyal and have been buying from us for decades. We believe we earned it due to our personal approach, as in a world that is quickly shifting into electronic communication, we foster personal and direct relationships with our customers. In addition, alongside commodity goods, we are continuously focusing on specialty products allowing us to better differentiate ourselves and gain the largest customers in the market, totaling in several dozens of major local manufacturers.

As market leaders for over 40 years, we continuously seek new opportunities to grow, whether through our existing suppliers and customers or through new alliances. As can be judged by the list of suppliers mentioned in this website, we do not compromise on the quality and credibility of our suppliers. We therefore invite existing as well as new potential customers to contact us in order to explore our product portfolio and receive high end and personal service, including non-binding consultations with top global technical advisors concerning production issues and recommendations. No doubt, such exposure to global experts may yield outstanding benefit to you.

We look forward to working together.