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In the Amines sector Runa represents Taminco, now a subsidiary of Eastman, the leading manufacturer of amines in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Our cooperation with Eastman-Taminco in the Israeli market allows us to offer our customers highly advanced technical and commercial support, to ensure swift and high quality solutions to production problems and on-going supply.

The main Eastman-Taminco product groups are Functional Amines (used to produce Alkylamine derivatives); Specialty Amines (used to manufacture fundamental elements that serve as intermediates for production of derivatives); Crop Protection (used to manufacture Alkylamine derivatives for agriculture to protect crops from soil borne pests and fungal diseases.

The main products in this sector that we offer our customers include – DMF, NMP, MMA, DMA, DMAPA and alike. Additionally, we offer Choline Chloride (used in feed, mainly for chickens, to accelerate growth). The various applications that these products serve include agriculture, water treatment, personal and home care, animal nutrition, pharmaceutical, metal working fluids, deicing, leather and energy industries.

For further information about the Amine products that Runa supplies to the Israeli market, please visit the link below.

Please contact us should you require any technical or commercial support. We’ll be happy to assist.